TRE BROWN is a Rap Artist and Multi Media Entrepreneur   from Jamaica Queens NY. He’s a creative composer and a  true MC who Writes, Freestyles, & Co-Produces his Tracks. Raised in Jamaica Queens Brown comes from a long line of music professionals, he began to be interested in music & performing at a very early age. However school, the streets, business ventures & family issues kept him occupied in other areas. In 2006 He began to indulge into music and start to take it seriously. He achieved local success with a Freestyle Mixtape CD He played around with and was encouraged to release. Self proclaimed the Renegade Don or Mr. Renegade Music he has been Buzzing locally since the 2006 release of that Mixtape ‘STAY TUNED’. He went on to release a string of popular mixtapes on the underground NY rap circuit. “The passion in his Music is gripping and his flow is refreshing and captivating.” says Orange Hill Muzik Producer, K-Reem about Tre Brown’s music.

Around 2008, Brown’s turbulent past reached out and pulled him back into the streets and his music career suffered because of it. He still managed to Drop ‘ITS BIZNESS’ which is his current release. ITS BIZNESS can be found ‘everywhere’ online including amazon, itunes, cdbaby and emusic. The follow up CD ‘STILL BIZNESS’ Was released Summer 2010.Black City Mixtape was Released in 2012.

TRE BROWN and RENEGADE MUSIC is still creating a position for themselves on the Rap scene in NY and plan to solidify a platform for other RENEGADE Artists.


-The ​Capital C's Lp - 2006

Released By Surround Sound

3000+ Downloads/ 2000+ CD's & Vinyls


Released by Renegade Music

6700 Downloads/ 5000 CD's


Released By Renegade Music

Sold on iTunes  3,000+ Downloads, 5000+ Cd's

- Best Of Myspace - 2009

Released By Myspace

Over  130,000 + Downloads


Released By Renegade Music

4600+ Downloads

- iFreestyle CD - 2011

Released By Renegade Music

2700+  Downloads


Current Release From Renegade Music

Download Now!!

South Jamaica Queens NY Rapper & Multi Media Entrepeneur

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