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Set in the Streets of Jamaica Queens New York, ‘The Life Of A Don’ (L.O.A.D.) Series is a Street inspired, Creative based Web series brought to you by Renegade Film and Hosted on the RenegadeTv Channel on Youtube

The Story centers around Tre Brown, An Enterprising, Smart, Driven guy from Jamaica Queens who came up like everybody else in the streets trying to get a piece. Tre hit the streets at 13 years old being sculpted, trained, tempted and guided by different elements that shaped his persona in the long run. However, Tre was always music and business driven and is known to say 'Music is the family hustle' due to  his Father's family being well known Jamaican Reggae Artists with classic hits that remained relevant today.  He Started taking music seriously slowly distancing himself from the streets and his old ways. He Single handedly launched his Music campaign and put out his own music. As he went along he picked up on many different key trades in the music industry and gradually got into Film and Photography as well. an incredible hustler he adapted and sunk his teeth into business. TRE’s character has genuine love and connection in his neighborhood because of his past which we also explore thru out the series. This past also was the cause of setbacks in his new path to success....The drama ensues. 

The series is centered around Tre But the Strength and depth is in the Colorful cast of characters that will be introduced. These are other Enterprising, Smart, Driven Individuals from New York City bringing their true story to life on screen. At the end, all Dons in their own right. 

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